Think of 3 is located in the suburbs of Pottstown, PA and our music is a blend of alternative rock with hints of pop in the vein of David Crowder, Michael Knott, and Third Day. Currently, we're about to release two new CD projects, The Allegra Sessions (producer John Ray Bolles) and Damaged Joy (Dome Recording Studios) featuring original songs as well as we are booked unto October playing in various locations (coffeehouses, outdoor music festivals, churches, etc.) at least once or twice a month. 

BAND OBJECTIVE: By His power and with a love for God the Father, The Son Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit (i.e., Think of 3), the band's desire is to minister and proclaim The Good News via the message of the songs and their testimonies that they've been given which will hopefully touch and minister to the lives of those who hear them.

 Current News: Recently, James became a department director under A.C.T. Intl for Think of 3 which now makes them a 501C3 and are able to accept donations. Think of 3 is currently getting airplay for a couple of their new songs, Sunday's Coming , I'm so Glad and Rocks in My Shoes featuring Tracy Mace (background vocals)  and producer / multi-instrumentalist Alex Saddic (Turbo Prop Sound Recording) who also produced their CD "Light My Way"  which will be the first CD release as a band featuring 10 songs of new material as well as a few re-recorded songs from Train to Glory.  And just prior to the COVID19 outbreak, James started working on a CD project with producer / musician John Ray Bolles (former member of Glad) as well as Think of 3 (Shane Hess on dums, Steve Eickhoff on bass, Elisha Eickhoff on backing vocals, and James singing, guitars and keys) started their 2nd full length recording project at Dome Studios with Raahu (Rich) in Royersford.

11 They triumphed over him
    by the blood of the Lamb
    and by the word of their testimony;
they did not love their lives so much
    as to shrink from death.
12 Therefore rejoice, you heavens
    and you who dwell in them!
But woe to the earth and the sea,
    because the devil has gone down to you!
He is filled with fury,
    because he knows that his time is short.”

The Story always begins somewhere: Born and raised in Downingtown, PA, music was always a huge part of James' life.  From the time he could remember, James sang along to the songs that his parents listened to on the record player.  At age 10, he started playing the saxophone and singing in the school choir and then at 15, James turned his attention to the guitar.  Then at age 18, an act of God's grace changed James' life forever! It's exactly like the song Amazing Grace - I once was blind but now I see...  a sinner saved by grace and given the gift of faith. Raised in an abusive home riddled with alcohol and violence, James turned to drugs, sex, and rock-n-roll to ease the pain... but nothing helped unto that one fateful day when he was given a choice between Life and death / good or evil. Thankfully, James chose God instead of the devil, the world, and its ways. Hopefully some these songs, inspired by the joys of salvation and the pains and struggles of life, will touch the lives of those who hear the songs and message to encourage you to seek the only one, Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit, who can save!  The Story continues... James Harvey released his first solo Christian CD, Dawn of A New Day, in 2000 and has been leading Think of 3 for years with various members until about three years ago when he met Shane Hess at a local Open Mic.  James felt God prompting him to ask Shane to join the band and thus began a newly revised version of Think of 3.  Since then we've played various shows, opened up for Shane & Shane at Teen Challenge, released a CD in 2015 called Light My Way, receiving airplay on various radio stations, and writing new songs to go back into the studio to record a new cd. .

Ministry Opportunities: James and the members of Think of 3  are always open to ministry opportunities to play their original music and or lead worship for coffeehouses, outside events, festivals, house concerts, churches, youth groups, or special occasions.

OTHER NEWS: in April of 2013, James was hired @ Shepherd of the Hills as a worship leader, then in 2016 was hired @ Revive Ministries /Jacob's Church as a worship leader, and then in 2020 hired @ Deep Run West as a worship leader.  Also, in 2016, James has partnered with Pastor Rob Romig @ Blue Church and started The Agora Cafe (3rd Saturday of the month), a community coffeehouse featuring Christian bands, singer songwriters, artists and comedy from the Tri-State.

Train to Glory, a new Tof3 CD, was released in March 2014. And one of James' songs, a remixed version of Don't Ask Me, has recently been included on the Quickstar Productions Compilation CD, United by Grace. The cd has been released and I'm excited to be a part of it since it's for a great cause!  Also, two Think of 3 songs, Freedom Blues and Somewhere, were featured on Serenity House Compilation CD to benefit a hospice in Doylestown, PA.